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Services - Fire Fighting System

Why should you need a fire suppression system? Is it for Life Safety, Building Protection or Business Protection? Can it be used to offset some structural fire safety requirements?

These are some common questions considering the fact that any given space needs careful consideration regarding the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the fire suppression system.

Associated features such as Life Safety situations in Residential and Commercial premises, Industrial processes protecting high value equipment are some of the things to be considered while designing.

We can play a significant part in the correct selection and design of the system you should choose and can undertake a Risk Assessment of your requirements to help you arrive at the most efficient and cost effective fire suppression package to meet your requirements.

We undertake Supply /Installation & Consultation for the following -

  • Fire-Pumps/ fire- hydrants and hose reels etc.
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Smoke and heat detection systems
  • Hand held extinguishers
  • Emergency warning / intercom / PA systems
  • SURVEYS provided by trained personnel for evaluation of fire protection and safety needs.
  • Tender documentation